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Apartment Building Operations Safety Manual / Management Safety Manual

All companies including Apartment Building and Management operations need to have a workplace safety manual. If you are looking to start from scratch or need a current workplace safety manual revised, you have come to the right place. Your company may have been asked to provide a copy of your apartment building and management safety manual to you insurance company. Having an OSHA compliant safety manual could result in a discount on your insurance premium including workers compensation. Also, did you know for your company to be in 100% compliant with OSHA regulations meaning you must have a workplace safety manual?

If you have questions, need immediate assistance or if you need to pass a third party audit requirement such as ISNetworld® RAVS® and T-RAVS®, PEC Premier®, PICS® Auditing and Safety Council Solutions® please notify us at or contact us at 407-203-1828. Our customized manuals begin at $299.95 depending on how many programs you need to pass your audit. Also, we will submit your workplace safety programs for you to the third party vendor.

Our safety manuals are delivered in Microsoft word format allowing you to edit or revise at your own discretion.

Your OSHA approved Apartment Building Operations Safety Manual / Management Safety Manual will be immediately downloaded and available to you upon completion of payment: BUY NOW

Need to pass a third party audit? Contact us now to get started!

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