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Assisted Living Facility Safety Manual

Employees are the backbone of your Assisted Living Facility. Did you know by not having OSHA compliant safety manual you are exposing your facility to a large OSHA fines? Our time-efficient cost-effective safety program helps protect your employees from hazards in the workplace. Also, having a safety manual for your Assisted Living Facility could allow your insurance company to give you a discount on your premium.

We have 20+ years of experience writing safety manuals. All of our safety manuals meet requirements and guidelines written by Federal OSHA Safety Plan, workers’ compensation insurance carriers, and general contractors under government contract. For a very reasonable price of $54.95 can provide your company with an OSHA compliant Assisted Living Facility safety manual.

Our Assisted Living Facility Safety Manual is delivered in Microsoft word format allowing you to edit or revise at your own discretion! SHOP NOW

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