As a business owner did you know you must have an OSHA content approved workplace safety manual for your company? It does not matter if you have 1 or 100+ employees, OSHA requires all companies to have a workplace safety manual. Are you bidding on or plan to bid on any government or municipalities jobs? Have your workers compensation rates increased over the last few years? Does your company need to meet a third party auditing requirement such as ISNetworld®, RAVS® and T-RAVS®, PEC Premier®, PICS® Auditing and Safety Council Solutions®? If you answered yes to any or all of the previous questions, then having a workplace safety manual for your HVAC company will assist you.  With any type of government or municipality bid, a copy of your company’s workplace safety manual will be requested at the time your bid is submitted.  Also, insurance companies may give you a discount on your workers compensation rate if you can provide a workplace safety manual to them.  Trying to pass a third party audit can and will be very time consuming and stressful for you.


As a business owner of a company keeping your workers safe should be of the utmost importance. Creating and having a workplace safety manual for your company is and should be your first step towards keeping your employees safe.  As HVAC business owner in OSHA eyes, it is your prime responsibility to ensure safety inside your company and on all your jobsites. Don’t be caught giving your hard earned money to OSHA fines or lose a large government bid because your company does not have an approved OSHA content workplace safety manual. Don’t pass up the opportunity of getting a discount on your workers compensation rates. Every little bit of savings can add up.


We know and understand at finding or writing a good workplace safety manual can be a daunting and time consuming task.  From analyzing the risks for your company’s scope of business, to making a safety plan, and explaining emergency procedures – as a HVAC business owner you don't want to leave anything out.


So, the question is why wait? Don’t let your HVAC company get caught being reactive instead of proactive. At safetymanualonline, we are competent enough to design affordable, custom-made OSHA compliant safety manuals for your business, taking into consideration all the standards needed to comply with the requirements of your industry.


With 20+ years of safety industry experience and devotion to workers safety, we can assure you that we have created a workplace safety manual for your company’s scope of business that you are looking for! Each of our safety manuals meet the necessary requirements and guidelines laid out by the Federal OSHA Safety Plan requirements, workers' compensation insurance carriers, and general contractors under government contract.  Let us at help you complete this difficult task for a very reasonable price of $54.95.


All you need to do is click the “buy now” button and your OSHA approved workplace safety manual will be immediately downloaded and available to you for use.


If you have questions, need immediate assistance or if you need to pass a third party audit please notify us at info@printamanual.comor contact us  407-203-1828. Our customized manuals begin at $299.95 depending on how many programs you need to pass your audit. We can also submit your workplace safety programs for you to the third party vendor.


Our safety manuals are delivered in Microsoft word format allowing you to edit or revise at your own discretion.


All Manuals:
v- Meet Federal OSHA Safety Plan Requirements

- Are accepted by workers' compensation insurance carriers

- Are accepted by general contractors and builders under government contract


Securely purchase your safety manual now and begin downloading immediately.

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