Do I need a safety manual for my pet grooming and boarding company? Yes, just because your company works with animals your pet grooming and boarding business has to remain in compliance with all OSHA regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (P.L.91-596) governs all company’s employees to receive a safety manual along with being trained on this manual. By not being in compliance with this regulation can open your pet grooming and boarding to large OSHA fines. Don’t take the chance and have OSHA walk through your doors and not be able to furnish them a compliant safety manual.  You may think because you only have 1 or 2 employees this regulation does not apply to your company. This is a false because the regulation applies to all businesses no matter the number of employees you employ. One of the most common OSHA fines for any type of business is not providing and/or training your employees on your company’s OSHA compliant workplace safety manual. Furthermore, did you know by simply submitting a copy of your business compliant safety manual to your insurance carrier could qualify your company for a discount and/or rebate on your insurance premium.


We know and understand at, finding or writing a good safety manual for your pet grooming and boarding business can be difficult, as well as, costly.  From analyzing the risks for your company’s scope of business, to making a safety plan, and explaining emergency procedures – as a business owner you don’t want to leave anything out.


So then why wait? Don’t let your company get caught being reactive instead of proactive. At, we are both experienced and competent enough to design affordable, custom-made OSHA compliant safety manuals for your business, taking into consideration all the standards needed to comply with the requirements of your industry.


With 20+ years of safety industry experience and devotion to workers safety, we can assure you that we have created a workplace safety manual for your company’s scope of business needs! Each of our safety manual meets the necessary requirements and guidelines written by the Federal OSHA Safety Plan requirement and workers’ compensation insurance carriers.  Let us at, help you complete this time consuming and daunting task for a very reasonable price of $54.95


All you need to do is click the “buy now” button and your OSHA approved workplace safety manual will be immediately downloaded and available to you for use.


If you have any questions or need immediate help please contact us at  407-203-1828 or email us at


Our safety manuals are delivered in Microsoft word format allowing you to edit or revise at your own discretion.


All Manuals:

– Meet Federal OSHA Safety Plan Requirements

– Are accepted by workers’ compensation insurance carriers


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Pet Grooming / Boarding Safety Manual

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