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As a business owner of a welding/metal fabrication shop providing a safe workplace and keeping your employees safe is and should be your number one priority. Providing all your employees a OSHA compliant safety manual is also a requirement by OSHA. OSHA is responsible for ensuring that employees of your company have a safe and healthful workplace that complies with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and with OSHA standards. Establishing an effective workplace safety manual appropriate to employees’ varied work responsibilities and workplace conditions is also an essential strategy to eliminate/control hazards before they lead to fatalities, injuries and illnesses. As an owner not being in compliant with this OSHA standard could result in your company paying large fines directly to OSHA.    Along with being an OSHA requirement, your company could also qualify for insurance discount and/or rebates from your insurance carrier toward your premium.


If you do not have a workplace safety manual or looking to revise your current manual, is the company that can help you immediately develop a workplace safety manual for your warehouse business. At, we know and understand finding or writing a good workplace safety manual can be a difficult.  From analyzing the risks for your company’s scope of business, to making a safety plan, and explaining emergency procedures – as a business owner you don’t want to leave anything out.


So, why wait? Don’t let your company get caught being reactive instead of proactive. At, we are competent enough to design affordable, custom-made OSHA compliant safety manuals for your business, taking into consideration all the standards needed to comply with the requirements of your industry.


All Of Our Safety Manuals:

– Meet Federal OSHA Safety Plan Requirements

– Are accepted by workers’ compensation insurance carriers

– Are accepted by general contractors and builders under government contract


Our safety manuals are delivered in Microsoft word format allowing you to edit or revise at your own discretion.


Securely purchase your safety manual now and begin downloading immediately.

Welding – Metal Fabrication Safety Manual

  • PrintAManual is 100% customer guarantee. If you find the manual does not meet your needs, then contact our customer service and we will attempt to correct the issue or refund your money 100%

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